Buddy’s Pizza

Buddy’s Pizza-Detroit

In February 2013, we headed to the chilly city of Detroit.  Looking for something to eat that would warm us up, we found Buddy’s Pizza.


Buddy’s has been around for over 65 years and has been featured in many different magazines, newspapers and  t.v. shows.


We went to the original Buddy’s on the corner of Conant and Six Mile Roads and although it’s nothing fancy, the pizza was delicious. The deep buttery crust, and gooey cheese made it one tasty square pizza!


They are very flexible with their menu too.  No meat? Fine. Gluten free crust? Sure. Vegan cheese? No Problem.

And if you check out their website before you go, you could even get a coupon for a few bucks off your bill.  (Or you can do what I did and check it out on your phone while you’re waiting for your pie to bake.)

Here’s Buddy’s website: www.buddyspizza.com


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Hi, I’m Anna! For the past 6 1/2 years I’ve been traveling across North America, exploring the country one city at a time. After visiting over 150 cities, I’ve decided that it is time to share some of my favorite adventures, finds, restaurants and more!

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